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Post by nzFuzzy on Tue Jul 29, 2014 5:52 am

Have always enjoyed taking pictures but been a little limited in what I wanted to achieve by having a point & shoot.
Last year I took the next step and purchased a DSLR.

My current point & shoot is a Sony TX20 Waterproof camera.
Purchased because one of my hobbies is caving and I wanted a good waterproof for underground.
Have tried the waterproof housings but they make the camera much more bulky and lower the clarity when dealing with lots of mud & water.
The TX20 is great because the front cover protects the lens from dirt & scratches while sliding completely clear minimising the chance of water droplets staying on the lens.
The macro on this camera is pretty amazing, it will focus on the face of my watch when resting on the glass.

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DSC02573 by nzFuzzy, on Flickr

My DSLR is a Pentax K30
Purchased because it ticked the boxes: weather sealed, AA compatible, SD card, time lapse function and some good reviews.
Just 2 lens at the moment.  Got my eye on the new Pentax 70-300mm WR lens when I've done some more overtime.

  • Pentax SMC 18-135mm DA WR  [1:3.5-5.6] that came with it
  • Sigma 100-300mm DL [1:4.5-6.7]  that I picked up for $30 on TradeMe.

Starting to experiment but still mainly using the auto functions as I try and catch action shots.
Haven't done much in the way of computer manipulation yet either.  Like the HDR clarity that can be acheived with stacking shots - but the camera has it's own HDR setting that you can choose your own exposure levels for and get 3 shots in rapid succession.
Hoping to get into some more low-light / astro shots as the weather improves.
Not much of a portrait photographer but loving the opportunity to get those sneaky long range candid shots that the point & shoot just can't do.

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Looking forward to seeing other peoples work and getting involved in discussions (maybe even outings) which will improve what I can produce.


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