Baby feet - sharing the secrets

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Baby feet - sharing the secrets Empty Baby feet - sharing the secrets

Post by Albee (Admin) on Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:37 pm

Here is an image of some baby feet being cradled in dads hands, with the original image shown below. Here's how it was produced.

A black sheet was pegged to a curtain and draped across a sheepskin on a coffee table. I had two 300w flashes with umbrellas behind me on either side. The 13 day old baby was placed on her back on the sheet and dad reached across to cradle her feet. She was wriggling her feet around and about 20 exposures were taken before this one. Because dad was leaning across, the whole set up was on a strange angle, so the first step in processing was to straightening it up.  Then the background was blacked out including covering up bubs butt cheeks, and her right arm showing under dads right hand, and a black mask was applied to fade out dads arms. Finally it was converted to monochrome and sharpened a bit.

As you can see, the original image was nothing special, but a wee bit of computing magic and...

Baby feet - sharing the secrets IMG_8563v1BWsmWMmix
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