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Competition rules. Empty Competition rules.

Post by Albee (Admin) on Wed Jul 23, 2014 5:24 am

1. Have fun.  Very Happy
2. Theme for the month will be posted at the beginning of each month, decided by the winner of the previous month.
3. Don't interpret the theme too literally. Be creative.
4. One image each, taken that month. Upload your image to that months topic. Please see the "How to upload an image" post under General Discussion.
5. You can change your image up until 5pm on the 25th of each month when voting will begin.
6. The poll will appear for voting until the end of the month.
7. When voting, try not to be influenced by the personalities of the people posting the images. Ultimately we may have to make it anonymous so no one knows who is responsible for each image.
8. Please don't vote for yourself.
9. In the event of a draw, the first to post their image that month will be considered the winner.
10. Have fun.
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